Carrolls Roofing and Construction offers many different types of roofs (big or small) and other services as general construction. General services include remodeling, additions, concrete, masonry, framing, flooring, painting, and more. Contact a sales representative for more details on the Contact Us page.

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Roofs are a major investment for any homeowner or business. Whether a roof fails due to rain, sleet, snow hail or the sun's hot ultraviolet rays, it could cost you in damaged interiors, materials, equipment or loss of production and downtown. You need a roofing contractor who will survey your roof, advise you of its condition, help you determine the best way to go - repair or replace and offer help of the best system for your situation. We at Carrolls Roofing & Construction  have all this to offer - the right system for you and the knowledge to install it correctly.